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Matriks Data Terminal

Matriks Data Terminal Features

Matriks Data Terminal, is a financial data broadcasting application that is accessible from various environments, supported with large data-set and superior analysis modules in the synchronous data broadcasting field.
"Matriks Data Terminal" having the equivalent quality broadcasting alternatives Via satellite broadcast, Cable TV system, dish antenna or Internet, especially with the one over Internet, provides a financial data monitoring service from everywhere, independently from any specific location.

Matriks Data Terminal Functions

  • It has a much more developed technical analysis module according to that of similar products. Provides a real-time usage opportunity of the technical analysis applications such as `Indicator Builder`, `Stock Explorer`, `System Tester`, and `Expert Advisor` included in professional technical analysis programs. By these modules, BUY/SELL systems can be created and alerts can be defined according to these systems, so that chances for all markets may be taken.
  • Includes a very rich Indicator content continuously developed on requirements. Furthermore, it`s also possible to add user-defined indicators to the program so that instant data can be used.
  • Matriks Data Terminal is equipped with a developed dataset and `analysis modules` capable to analyze these data in all aspects. It includes a rich analysis module content that facilitates decision-making; this module has been generated from especially ISE Stock Exchange Market depth data. Buyer/seller analysis (Money income/outcome), Matriks Radar, Brokerage House distributions, Advanced exchange analysis, Beta analysis, Seasonality analysis, Bottom/Top analysis, Matriks Detector, Basic Analysis and Rating analysis are some of them.
  • The program includes various alert features which runs integrally with each other. It includes a news alert, advanced alerts for transactions, the trend developed for technical analysis applications and indicator alerts.
  • Terminal has a consistent data completion feature. The data which could not received due to inactivity of the program during day, is completed Graphic data is always kept update in the Internet terminal and it`s possible to complete all backward data, whenever required.
  • It provides a advanced personalization opportunity due to the page structure consisting of different windows. Includes many personalization opportunities from size of windows, fonts, colors on the graphics to page layout.
  • The program, running with `E-broker quick transaction module`, allows to make transactions quickly from many companies.

Analysis Modules in Matriks

  • Advanced technical analysis : Matriks made great difference in data vendoring industry with its advanced charting and technical abilities. With standard 66 indicators are given, with `indicator builder` which allows users to compose their own indicators, with `indicator positions` to trace the conditions of the indicators by the criteria specified by user, advanced trend analysis and fibonacci studies, they are the elements to reap great benefits for the amateur users. Beside that the application is supported by some technical analysis such as `system tester`, `expert advisor`, and `explorer` that are developed for the professional users.
  • Custody Analysis : for stocks and brokerage houses, detailed analysis can be made in this module. Stocks and the buyers-sellers could be followed in-groups. Thus, historical analysis become more detailed. (*)
  • `Custody` Explorer : In this module which is an another part of Custody Analysis, shows which stock set-offs happen betweeen brokerage houses in specified dates . (*)
  • Market Makers : It helps a user to discover which firms density on which stocks. (*)
  • Stock Volatility Analysis : It is developed to show the relation between market values and trading volume in stocks.
  • Fundamental Analysis : In this section, which is created by a few modules, the user can get the financials and make ratio analysis of companies which are traded in the ISE.
  • Firm Analysis: These are the modules that a user can analyze the transactions made by the firms in the ISE, and also analyze it in the terms of firms. By the help of these modules, the user can analyze stock breakdown in the terms of buyers-sellers and firm`s trade volumes. (*)
  • Active Transaction Analysis : It is a module which analyze instant stock transactions. Stocks can be also analyzed in different groups with this module which has well visuality and supported by charts. (*)
  • Buyers - Sellers (Money Flow): It helps to analyze the The Money Inflows/Outflows- (which is developed by Matriks)- in detailed. (*)
  • Bought - Sold Analysis : It is a module that analyze on the stocks which brokerage houses made the most transaction.(*)
  • Top & Bottom Analysis : It gives user the opportunity to analyze the stock`s last, the best and the worst prices in the past.
  • Rating Analysis : With this module, one can set some fundemental and charting criteria and then search if there are any stocks meeting this criteria.
  • Seasonal Analysis : If a user has been searching for the answer to question of `Which stock makes a premium in which season?`, so she needs to use the Seasonal Analysis Module.
  • Detector : The user doesn`t need to watch all the market anymore. Detector watches all changes in stock market in terms of criteria that the user sets, and reports to her.
  • Beta : This module is used to find out which stocks affect the direction of the composite index, which stocks fall behind the performance of the composite index and how to analyze today and the past performances.
  • Matriks Radar : It is one of the most effective profit opportunity presenting instrument of Matriks Terminal. The user can watch the money flows in terms of charts and then decides to invest or de-invest.
  • Active Trades: Instantly, the user can see which stock on which levels are bought and which stock and which levels are sold.(*)
  • Historical Data : The prices that Matriks has published until now can be transferred to Excel.
  • Seanskop : With this module, it can be seen that in what time, which stocks are rising and falling, which stocks are leading the market and which stocks are steady-state.
  • Investment Funds : User can see the price changings, what stocks are in which Investment Fund`s portfolio.

P.S.: ( * )The modules, marked with asterix are activated if the user has level-2 licence.

Hardware Requirements for Matriks Data Terminal

  • Pentium 4 processor
  • 512MB RAM for Windows 2000, Windows XP and 1GB RAM Windows Vista
  • Approximately 5GB free disk space

Software Requirements for Matriks Data Terminal

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista Operating System

Data Content

  • The analysis generated from ISE Stock Exchange Market Information and depth information
  • ISE Bond and Repo Market data
  • İzmir Derivatives Market (VOB) data
  • Eurobonds
  • Takasbank Market Data
  • CBRT Pages
  • Interbank Market Data
  • Precious metals
  • Parities
  • World Stock Exchange Market indices
  • Commodity exchange and future data
  • Macro economical data
  • Foreign markets and data declaration dates
  • Turkey data declaration dates
  • Simultaneous news for all markets

User Profile

Matriks Data Terminal is a data broadcasting option suitable for all individuals and enterprises which need to monitor the financial markets. The abilities to monitor the prices of all investment instruments dealt on Kapalıçarşı foreign exchange market, interbank foreign exchange market, stock exchange market, bond market or Derivatives Market (VOB) and to perform detailed analyses show that the product has a capability to appeal a large target audience.

Matriks Data Terminal Installation

The Internet version of Matriks Data Terminal is activated by entering the user name and the password we sent to user, after the program has been installed in computer.
In other broadcasting forms, a broadcast receiver card should be installed into computer to receive the broadcast.

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